Welcome (to Illyria)

The majority of people I’ve talked to in my short life so far have told me I should keep a diary because we all get old eventually and forget things. My mother is a prime example of this; I swear she left the womb forgetting things like the champ she is.

So instead I created a kick ass wall of shit I’ve collected over time in my bedroom. But thinking about it, how is a wall in my childhood bedroom covered in movie ticket stubs and old ID cards ever going to make me money once I find and marry my hot rich celebrity or do a Kim K and release a sex tape?

Because let’s be honest, I have no talents what so ever, shots for that one Sue and Kev. So at the tender age of 17 years old I’ve decided to write a blog, a little more modern than the good old diary but expressive none the less.

I’m sure you’ll find out more about me as I expand this blog, I’m a really open (probably a bit too open sorry) person so you won’t miss much. But for now enjoy my outlet for my creative juices to flow, my strong (sorry) opinions to be fleshed out, and well my hatred of pretty much everyone wearing the colour purple (we’ll get to this later).


PS. I’m slowly filling it,when i said it was kickass i was definitely  exaggerating… it will get there one day!

PPS. If you didn’t get the reference in the title… I’m judging you. If you did lets watch She’s the Man and eat chicken nuggets and be friends



2 thoughts on “Welcome (to Illyria)

  1. meaghanmcgoldrick says:

    1. I loved this and I love your writing. 2. I thought I was the only human in the world with a special place in her heart for She’s the Man. I recently found a $5 copy at a discount store and came home basically in tears. My roommates think I’m crazy. Long live Amanda Bynes.

    • insaneaudacity says:

      I’m not sure if it’s sad or something to add to my list of life accomplishments but I can recite every line to this movie and it drives everyone insane. There’s only one person who will watch it with me and that’s because she’s the same. Oh Amanda why don’t we go back to the good old days with our babe Channing.

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