Why not shaving your legs is saving the planet

A few weeks ago I revealed to my twitter followers that I had not shaved my legs for a month. If you know me personally, you should be aware that I am incredibly lazy and this is not the longest I have withheld shaving my legs. When I tweeted this, I received a reply from a girl I have now dubbed my ‘brain twin’ as she is also an avid chicken nugget and Harry Styles enthusiast. She said:

“My legs are so hairy that I am helping to fight global warming by growing a forest on each leg.”

Now, I will admit I am quite easily amused, but this nearly made me drown in my bath. I have honestly never laughed harder than I did when reading this. But, this brave warrior, she started the movement of blood around my brain.

A lot of people find girls who don’t shave their legs physically unappealing. I do not understand this at all considering some men look like apes with hair covering their backs and chests. Never mind, if you are lazy like me and are constantly being told by siblings and worried friends to shave your legs, then check these reasons out:

  1. Saving water. I live in quite a hot part of Australia and we tend to have droughts, so the government apply water restrictions to limit water usage and makes water really expensive (and makes my dad have an aneurism when he sees the water bill because I love baths and Lush products). Anyway, it takes like thirty minutes to shave your legs and if you’re sitting on the shower floor that’s a lot of water, as with half-filled baths.
  2. You don’t need to buy new razor/razor blades. Not sure if you’ve noticed, razors are really expensive. I’d rather wear jeans and have some McNuggets and a Starbucks then wear shorts and not have Starbucks and McNuggets. Not sure if that’s my inner fat kid coming out but I like food and don’t care what my legs look like.
  3. You’re not going to cut your legs. Look, I’m pretty uncoordinated and I’m just not good at shaving, I always seem to cut myself. Easy solution to avoid blood running down your legs and dripping on the bathroom floor, resembling a scene from Psycho? Hairy legs.
  4. It’s fashionable? It’s all about the mixed 80’s and 90’s vibes right now and I feel that they didn’t shave their legs. I think the whole ‘landscaping’ thing came about in the naughties. So pretty much, if you’re wearing Birkenstocks and you have smooth legs you look like an idiot. If you’re working Birkenstocks and have hairy legs you still look like an idiot (sorry Phoebe).
  5. You’re sticking it to the man. Who do you think suggested that women shave their legs in the first place? Probably men (we might as well blame this for this one). By not shaving your legs you’re sticking your middle finger at the entirety of the male population saying stuff you, I’m my own woman. You go girl.

Honestly, shaving or not shaving your legs is a matter of opinion. I don’t shave my legs because I’m lazy. On the rare occasion I do shave them it does feel like angels and puppies and happiness but I’m not going to do it because a boy told me to. Boys smell, they can’t tell you what to do, nor should you care what they think. Next time a boy tells you to shave your legs, you tell him to put some deodorant on every day for a year and maybe then you’ll talk. You’ll win; boys never wear deodorant.

Moral of the story, I’m lucky I have blonde hair on my legs and my brother smells bad. His bedroom smells worse.

  1. I also always listen to a song on reply the entire time I write my blog post. This week is “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift. I’m still jealous that she slept with Harry Styles and half of Hollywood. However, she is crazy talented although I feel she could have done so much more with the concept of the song.

PPS. If you’re the person who stole my favourite Mac lipstick and my new Chanel primer at a party a few weeks ago, I really dislike you right now and I only just realised and I cried for three hours. Shame on you girl.


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