Crunch time woes sorted

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For year 12 students across Australia, it’s crunch time; a time of tears, all-nighters, plastic sleeves and 20 page assignments. If you’re feeling it like me, you may result to eating dry fruit loops by the boxful as you cry and scream at everything that breathes around you. But no matter how you’re feeling, this stress cure fixes just about everything.

Drop your books around you, leave your study notes behind you and find your way to the biggest bathroom in the house. Warning you may get lost; after all you haven’t left your room/office for 3 weeks. Start running the water at a hot, but not so hot you’ll die from heat exhaustion, temperature and light some candles to create a little bit of atmosphere. Finally, add a Lush bath bomb (The Comforter and Starburst bubble bars are my favourites. Yes, I am aware that I have an obsession, no, I am not going to stop buying Lush.). And there you have it, just lie there for an hour and all your troubles will melt away.

Here are some proven problems and issues in your life that baths will fix:

  • Assignments you haven’t started that a due in a week
  • Assignments you haven’t started that are due the next day
  • Standardised scaling tests (QCS/whatever anyone else does)
  • Maths exams in which you can’t do the first revision question
  • The fact you have no chocolate in your house
  • The fact that Harry Styles doesn’t love you
  • An English exam at the end of the week about two books you haven’t read
  • How hard it is to get through the said English books you need to read
  • Friendship woes
  • Schoolies troubles (where recent high school graduates go on holiday to drink copious amounts of alcohol in attempt to forget the year that’s passed)
  • Apparently its nearly summer and you look like a potato on steroids
  • You’ve run out of chicken nuggets
  • University applications
  • The Nars Kabuki Ita brush is finally coming out again but you can’t afford it
  • Being pale (you won’t be able to see your legs under the bubbles, fake tan your arms and you’ll be fine)
  • No clothes for post standardised test parties/booze ups
  • The fact that you have no motivation to any school work and basically know you’re screwed
  • Not knowing what you want to do with your life

There is nothing that a bath can’t fix.

Note: most of these problems will still be there after the bath, this not a permanent fix.


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