Boobs, bums and absolute bullocks


Apparently we all take them. I’m not too sure when this phenomenon began, considering I choose to stick very clear of that domain. But as we have seen the past two weeks the whole phenomenon has really blown up into one big massive celebrity nude off. Now it’s not the nudes I’m really upset with, because let’s face it, we all either have the same parts as Calum Hood or Jennifer Laurence, though I will admit Jennifer looks about 30 times hotter than myself in those positions, but it’s the double standards that have seemed to follow.

About ten days ago, I slid open the lock screen on my phone to find a text consisting of just a vine URL. After several minutes of inspection, it was official that Calum Hood’s nude had landed (in video form, which is very 2015). If you’re not too sure who this newly famous man child is, he’s a quarter of Australia’s new shipment to the UK, 5 Seconds of Summer. If this still isn’t ringing any bells, they’re the band that sang the underwear song that was thrashed around on radio early this year.

Now, usually after any nude is released, celebrity or commoner, there’s a bucketful of negative backlash. I’m not quite sure how, but somehow Mr Hood seemed to side step this and receive many, positive remarks about his penis? In fact, people were praising him and his penis?

When did it become common for some people to be praised for their nudes being leaked, whilst others are oppressed? Take a look at some of the other people whose nudes leaked this week; Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton. All of these celebrities were not praised; they did not get positive remarks and worldwide trends. They were publically shamed. And I’m not sure if it’s because of the age and maturity of people looking at Calum’s nudes compared to these women, or the fact that they’re women, but it’s ridiculous and needs to stop.

Something I also find absolutely repulsive about this issue is the fact that people are praising the hackers who leaked them! NO! It is not okay to hack into iCloud and leak someone’s private photos. It is also not okay to send a nude you have received, famous or not, to other people or spread it on social media. These are people with feelings. Having lots of money and fans does not make you someone without thoughts and feelings, they are still the same as us, just wearing $200 tracksuit pants instead of the pair you brought in a two for one sale at Target.

The main problem I have with the leaking of nudes is the ease of access to a person’s naked body without their permission. In the physical world, the term for this is rape, however, in the cyber world, most people who access these images and trade them back and forth like prized Pokémon cards, would scoff at the suggestion that there’s any analogy made here to be rape. Very few of us would hide in the bushes outside for someone’s home to catch a glimpse of them getting changed, but how is that different from this?

The ways that we seem to talk about leaked photos, are very similar to the ways we talk about rape. Contemplate a recent tweet from Ricky Gervais:

“Celebrities, make it harder for hackers to get nude pics of you from your computer by not putting nude pics of yourself on your computer”

Basically, we can assume that he means: if you don’t want people to see you naked, you shouldn’t have undressed and taken photos of that nature. This example is part of our culture of victim blaming, whereby it’s the woman’s fault that she was raped because she was dressed provocatively, or restrictions on girl’s clothing in schools in America because it’s too tempting for male teachers.

I’m not shaming people who have seen these nudes, I’ve seen them too. They were plastered over the most used social media platforms, I couldn’t avoid it. But the people who leaked them and shared them, that it not okay. You are sharing someone’s body without their consent. And if you’re someone who has received a nude of someone from school, or another school and it’s still on your phone, even on text messages, I highly recommend deleting this as you can be charged with holding child pornography. If you have sent that photo to someone else, you can be charged with distributing child pornography which is a jailable offence in Queensland, Australia.

The main thing I have to say about nudes is that whilst they seem to be common these days, you should never send one because you feel pressure to from your boyfriend/girlfriend. Chances are they’ll show someone else. And by taking that photo you are potentially allowing the world to take your naked body without your consent and that’s never okay. Aunty Lauren says stay safe online kids.


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