Finding Romeo

The recent happenings within the cast of the popular Australian reality TV show, The Bachelor, have spurred me to question to what extent do we, young people of the 21st century have to go to to find love, and whether all sense of courtship has been lost in this generation.

Sam Frost, a 25-year-old marketing assistant from Melbourne thought she was onto a winner when she was proposed to by the love of her life, Blake Garvey, a 31-year-old real estate agent from Perth, on the season finale of ‘The Bachelor’ earlier this week. Fast forward a few hours, after cameras were no longer filming when she was devastated to find that it was all a lie. However, this leads you to wonder what we have to do to find that fairy-tale love in 2014 and where to find it.

Where are we meant to go to find true love without reality television? These days it’s all pubs and clubs, where everyone has preloaded with alcohol due to drinks costing more than my shoes and dress combined. So there’s really no hope in finding someone who isn’t so drunk they don’t know their own name or someone you are able to have a decent conversation with due to the ‘doof doof music’ (quote, Kevin Stuart, 2014). Unfortunately there’s rarely a coffee spill in Starbucks that ends in one person asking for the other’s number for romance to ensue, no matter what the movies tell us. So where are we at? Do we have to divulge in speed dating, or even the latest craze brought to us by radio stations across the country, lift (elevator) dating? Or worse, do we have to wait until the government starts matching us together themselves, with microchips in our arms like a soul mate AU (alternate universe).

Does courting in the 21st century start and stop at reality TV shows such as ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ or ‘The Bachelor?’ Or perhaps all is not lost, and maybe, somewhere out there there is a teenage boy willing to open my car door for me and give me his jacket when it’s cold? When my grandparents first met, my grandfather had to meet my grandmother’s father to ask him if he could take her on a date, and prove why he was suitable to date his precious Patricia. Yes, this was over 60 years ago, but I would certainly prefer, and undoubtedly so would my very protective father, a boy who was willing to meet him rather than rocking up outside my house with Skrillex playing so loud the baby next door awakes from his nap. Only to beep loudly twice to let me know my chariot (also known as his mum’s car or some pile of…something… he bought for $500) had arrived.

And to the rest of us who don’t reach the stage of reality television, does courtship now only consist of tapping a heart on the dating app Tinder? I really hope not, because, boys let’s face it; all we want is a little bit of old fashion courting. Open the door of your Lamborghini for me, and I’ll be yours forever. As for where to find these boys, I’m still completely lost on that one.


One thought on “Finding Romeo

  1. Louna says:

    Honestly, you will find people everywhere if you’re willing to look, and maybe take a chance. That guy you met at the grocery store, had a conversation with on the train, met at uni (you don’t have long to wait, sweetheart.) I think if girls put aside the traditional values of the boy having to ask us out, and had a little bit of courage, it would be so easy to find Mr. Right. If you decide to put aside your fears and take a chance then you might end up with someone you really care about.

    And as for movie romances, who the hell wants coffee spilled on them anyway?

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