The best things in life

Everywhere you look this world is surrounded by hatred and greed. Isis; the Ebola pandemic in which no countries seem to want to help; global warming; terrorism. The hatred and greed have seemed to consume us, which makes watching the news so disheartening. There are so many terrible things in our world but there are also so many amazing things as well, which these days we seem to miss.

We walk around every day like zombies, we get up, we go to work or school, we come home, go to sleep, and repeat it all again the next day. Were so stuck in thinking about all the things that have gone wrong or all the things we don’t like about ourselves and the world that were ignoring some of the most amazing things life has to offer.

We forget how good ice cream tastes on a really hot day as it runs down our wrists. The sounds of a baby laughing and the smile of our first love that charmed us the first time we saw it. We forget what it feels like to do something for the first time and do something totally unplanned. We’re so pent up with sadness and anger we forget what it’s like to just let go and dance around the house in just our underwear. We forget to tell someone important that we love them every second we can. We forget to meet up with old friends, and to take a chance and make some new ones. We forget the happy memories that come with the smell of sunscreen and sand. And most importantly we forget to celebrate us, and how important and fantastic each and every one of us are.

So here’s to some of the small yet best things in life.

Here’s to remembering where you know someone from, after it has plagued your thoughts for days.

Here’s to waking up to the smell of bacon.

Here’s to the first couple of hours of a road trip.

Here’s to finding more money in your bank account than you thought you had.

Here’s to sales at your favourite shop.

Here’s to that teacher who never gave up on you.

Here’s to cheap petrol on the day your tank is empty.

Here’s to first kisses that end up being your last first kiss.

Everyone says our generation is full of punks and misfits just trying to cause trouble, but that’s just a miniscule minority, the rest of us are just trying to experience life in our rose coloured glasses until they turn jade.

I’m only young, but I know for a fact that some of the best times, come from spontaneousness and a thirst for adventure. You can’t just sit on your bed, day after day, depressed by the state of the world through jaded glasses. You need to put those glasses away and swap them with some rose coloured glasses to see what the world really has to offer. You won’t regret it.


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