Forever 21 is here!

It’s taken forever, 30 years to be exact, for Australia to get a piece of the big name American brand, Forever 21, that didn’t come with a $50 postage fee. Last Thursday, the doors of Forever 21 in Brisbane City had its grand opening, accompanied by the squeals of beauty bloggers and teens who had skipped school. This follows the opening of the UK’s Topshop this time last year, further down the strip in the heart of Brisbane City. However, whilst Topshop’s longevity has been short lived due to its overpricing and ignorance towards southern hemisphere seasons, Forever 21 will be here and loved for a long time.

There’s always a worry in every teenage girl’s mind when a big brand finally sets sail for Australia (Sephora I’m waiting for you baby). There’s a rational fear that the amazing prices found in America and the UK will be doubled by the time the items hit our shelves, which is unfortunately a common occurrence. I had heard different things from different people, some said it was expensive, some said the products were cheap as McDonald’s chips, so I wasn’t holding my breath. As I walked in I braced myself for over-the-top prices and the fact I wouldn’t be able to afford anything after my $100 splurge at Lush (it’s an addiction, I know). So it was incredible when I picked up a gorgeous and well-made midi skirt to find that it cost $14. FOURTEEN DOLLARS FOR A SKIRT! I couldn’t believe it, and neither did other shoppers, if the screeches of “$28? I have to buy it,” were anything to go by. The prices are so low, that it’s actually cheaper to shop at Forever 21 than at Target. I’m still in a little bit of shock.

The floor plan is divided into different looks, from ‘girlie girl,’ to grunge, to boho, that will cater to any girl or guy’s style. They even stock sizes higher than a 14, which for a teenage clothing store is practically unheard of, and I take my hat off to them. This store has everything you didn’t even know you needed and more with an added extra of convenient organisation to sooth my emerging OCD tendencies.

I didn’t get a chance to fully divulge myself in the two levels and 125,000 individual items that Forever 21 Brisbane has to offer but I left with two skirts and two tops, for the price of a shirt sleeve from Topshop, and a mission to return flanked with my right hand man and my dad’s credit card.

Whilst the buzz (and the queue for changing rooms and cash registers) of Forever 21 dies down, the hype around rumours for more international retailers, including Zara, H&M, Gap and Uniqlo to call Queen Street Mall home will rise once again.

Sydney, get ready for some fun, and an empty bank account as Forever 21 touches down this December in Macquarie Centre (and so does Sephora, I’m coming down).


You can find Forever 21 at 66 Queen Street in the Queen St Mall


$50 for all of this? I’m used to paying $60-$80 for only one skirt! Is this what love feels like?



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