Say Goodbye to Summer


When the sun starts setting earlier, the nights start getting colder and you can no longer rely on your fan to lure you to sleep, you know it’s time to say goodbye to summer.

For us in Australia, summer lasts seven months of the year, and I couldn’t be happier with that equation. Minus the part where there’s weeks when it’s too hot to breathe and everyone gets the case of the temperature tantrums.


It’s been seven months of ice creams, beach trips and screaming Beyoncé and 90s classics at the top of our lungs as we tore down the highway. Of laughing too hard and screaming too much. A summer full of salt water, $1 frozen cokes and sand in too many places. Seven months of family reunions, car dancing, and subsequent near death experiences – sorry mum and dad, I promise I’m both a safe driver and passenger. There were day trips and week trips and family trips that part of me says I really should have given them a miss, but at least 5/23 days were okay. It was a summer full of intentions to go strawberry picking, try yoga and finally get that bikini bod. The past seven months were what it means to be young and free and have mum to do your washing when you subsequently returned home after running out of underwear.

But now, it’s time to say goodbye.


Goodbye to all the friends we made at festivals, beach trips and rooftop bars on Sunday. Goodbye to the sand covering the floor of our cars and the sea salt in our hair. Goodbye to coast trips and beach trips and everything in between.

But it’s okay, we only have five months until it starts all over again.

So grab your sea salt hair spray from Priceline, wear socks with your thongs to keep your toes warm, and take a blanket and nuggets on your next coast trip. Stow away your portable fans, bring out the comfy dunas and throw your bras to the side, because oversize jumpers were made for a reason.

Goodbye summer, we’ll see you come October.

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