Your Packing Guide to Splendour in the Grass 2016

With only a week and a half until Splendour in the Grass 2016 kicks off its time to get organising if you favour the last minute stress just as much as I apparently do.

Whether you’re a Splendour veteran or virgin hopefully this guide will help your gumboot clad feet glide smoothly through this year’s (hopefully small) piles of mud.

First things first:

Print your ticket and don’t forget your ID. You’re a lucky soul if you have constant reception at Splendour and you’re few are far between. Don’t rely on 3G to show your ticket, you will regret it.




It will get muddy, and it will get cold. As much as you want to be rocking it up for the gram, once it hits sundown you’ll be begging for a heater. So make sure a good pair of gumboots and a thick jacket are on the top of your packing list.

If you think it won’t be muddy, please stop kidding yourself and go to Kmart for a $15 pair of gumboots instead of forking out $50 at the stalls. Docs and ugg boots wont cut it. Trust me, I helped a poor girl line the outside of her uggs in 30 plastic bags last year only for them to be destroyed within 10 minutes.

You will need more alcohol and water than you think you do. No one wants to pay $10 per cider or bottle of water. As for getting your grog into the festival, get creative! But if you’re a little stuck for ideas, flick me a message and I’ll sort you out. But make sure you watch how each security person checks bags, at Falls Festival this January I had an older gentleman help me put on my backpack that was too heavy due to the two goon sacks and 2L of Vodka and Rum I had in there.

BYO portable phone charger. No one wants to pay to charge their phone, so do yourself a solid and buy one prior to the event. The one I took to Falls this year gave my phone 7 full charges #lifechanging.


If you’re having trouble with what to pack for this year’s festival, I’m a well known over packer and total “mum” when it comes to leaving the house, so feel free to follow my what to pack list below!





  • Tent *
  • Gazebo or some sort of cover to sit under
  • Table
  • Deck chair
  • Tarps **
  • Bag or bucket to keep in your tent for gumboots ***
  • Esky
  • Ice ****
  • Zip lock bags/ plastic bags
  • Torch
  • Heavy duty sleeping bag ******
  • Pillow – for those fellow high maintenance pals
  • Mattress *******
  • Extra pegs *******


*Seems obvious but I actually do know someone who has forgotten a tent

** You can never have enough tarps during a downpour of rain

*** Gumboots will get stolen, treat them with uttermost care and keep them on you at all times.

**** Stop at the second or third last service station for this, the last one will always run out.

****** Kmart sleeping bags will not cut it I’m afraid. For extra warmth I recommend wearing a thermal top.

******* Air mattresses are best as they keep you up off the cold ground.

******** There is always a poor sod that opens up their tent bag to find no pegs. That poor sod may be you.





  • Band aids big/small
  • Strapping tape *
  • Clothes tape
  • Gastro stop **
  • Panadol etc
  • Baby wipes ***
  • Baby Powder ****
  • Lip balm
  • Sunscreen *****
  • Hand sanitiser !!!
  • Dry shampoo
  • Extra toilet paper
  • Pocket tissues ******
  • Any makeup
  • Any skincare


* Can multitask as a band-aid, saviour for blistered feet, fixes tents, holds boobies in place and cups to hands for a fun game of ‘two wine Sam’ (Please substitute with your own name and poison)

** When the after-boose-poos hit you on day two you’ll be wishing you took my advice.

*** The festival shower of champions

**** For those plagued by the chafe

***** It may be winter but you will still get sunburnt by those UV rays!

****** For those times when you have to pop a squat outside the tent, or your drop loo has no toilet paper. Would also recommend nose plugs for the loos.



  • Thermals *
  • Track pants
  • Long thick socks **
  • Outfit day 1, 2 &3 ***
  • More plastic ponchos than you think you’ll need.

* To save you wearing nine layers in your sleep, a thermal and a heavy duty sleeping bag will keep you toasty!

** Your gumboots will cut into your calves so make sure your socks go up past the top of your gumboot. Bring a new pair for every day/night.

*** Plan your outfits in advance to save room when packing


What’s your ultimate tip for music festival newbies or have I left something important off my list? Let me know down below in the comments!

Let the Splendour Bender begin!

BYO fake piercings and glitter.



3 thoughts on “Your Packing Guide to Splendour in the Grass 2016

  1. Holly says:

    Hey Lauren 🙂 After a few tips for Splendour! It’s my first year going to this fest (went to Laneway earlier this year) and I’m looking for ways to get alcohol into the venue instead of having to spend ridiculous amounts over the weekend. How much would you spend approximately if you’re staying the full festival? Because I’m trying to save 😂😂 Also, how strict is security regarding underage drinking? I saw on the site that bottles of water aren’t even allowed, how can people drink a bit underage without getting their vibes killed? Thanks for a great article and keep doing your thing!

    • insaneaudacity says:

      Hi holly! If you’re camping it’s definitely a lot easier to get alcohol into the festival! Last year I think I spent $300/400 at the actual festival, keeping in mind I didn’t buy any drink tickets. It’s very easy to overindulge and buy heaps of food and random stuff so would recommend planning for those spurge moments when you’re saving! They don’t allow any food or drinks from outside to be brought in by day punters so most people just predrink. If you want any more information regarding your last question feel free to email me at so we can get more in depth!

  2. insaneaudacity says:

    If you are under 18 just be aware you will have a different wristband to any friends who are over 18 so you will automatically not be allowed into any beer tents/ the Smirnoff club etc

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