7 Things to Know Before your Girlfriend takes you to a Sephora Opening

Yesterday beauty lovers United at the newly refurbished Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast for opening of Queensland’s first Sephora store. The fourth Aussie store for the US beauty giant saw 200 girls (and some unfortunate boyfriends) parked out front before the sun fully rose, and a constant stream of people in the waiting bays until the store closed at 5pm.

To none of my friends and family’s surprise I was one of those 200 girls, itching to get my hands on products that had always come with an extra shipping price tag.
Something I wasn’t prepared for, was the amount of boyfriends who had been dragged along to wait in line for 6+ hours for the doors to open. So if you are one of those, eager to please boyfriends, I suggest you take a further read before agreeing to accompany your girl to the opening of Sephora’s Brisbane store; rumoured to be opening before Christmas this year.

  1. You will get a numb bum and sore legs. It’s 6 hours alternating between sitting on standing on cement – aka not a good time. If you do these things in quick succession though you might be able to squeeze a quick glute routine in between wanting to kill yourself and regretting all of your life decisions.
  2. You will get bored. They tell you that “the fun starts at 8am,” but they’re really lying. It’s just a couple of samples you don’t care about and a DJ playing songs that you’d rather not listen to.
  3. You will become the honorary food collector for your girlfriend (and subsequently every girl in a 3m radius) for when she gets a little peckish. Don’t worry, this is a time for you to call your mates and complain about life as they laugh at you.
  4. You will get trampled. Many security guards don’t understand the stagnating of crowds when a popular store opens, and unfortunately we were left with those yesterday. 250 people in a 50sq ft store at one time? Painful to the toes and every other body part with the ability to get squished/hit/ trodden on.
  5. You will probably lose the ability to hear properly. Girls + things they’re excited about = screaming. You know the drill by now.
  6. You will be the packhorse. As part of your duty as boyfriend I’m sure you’ve spent many a shopping trip carrying all of your girl’s bags/ clothes etc, this trip is no different.
  7. You will be the best boyfriend ever and now have a one-up on her to use at your advantage. The question is… Is it worth it?
Tread carefully through these makeup filled waters lads, for there are many more Sephora openings to come. I hope to see you there (so that you can go buy me food).

Quick snap of the makeup items I picked up!




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