Lamington National Park – minus the lamingtons

My girlfriends and I are city gals. There’s no talking around it, even if one of us is actually from a country town – we’ve converted her.

Try as we might to become one with nature, we just simply enjoy being able to fulfil the basic human need of always having phone reception.

We are not campers, if the Splendour in the Grass 2016 tent debacle is anything to go by. And with all of us scared of heights and converse’s being worn on more than one hike, we are certainly not mountaineers.


But alas this year we made a goal to go on more adventures.

Considering it’s now November, we haven’t quite fulfilled the quota that would tick “go on more adventures” off our new years resolutions. So lets push that one back to 2017 hey.

This summer though, we are ready to experience the (somewhat) wilderness – minus birds, one-way roads, curvy roads, one-way curvy roads and slippery rocks. #citygals

Somehow we found ourselves two hours out of Brisbane in a windy (???) one way road complete with road grates (to apparently keep the cows from going up the hill*), birds, cows and angry middle-aged bus drivers attempting to fly down said windy one-way road at 100km/hr.

We texted our respective mothers, a geotag to advise the location of our probable and imminent deaths and made our way through the rainforest.

And boy, were we thankful for finally getting out of the city that day. The views were incredible, the waterfalls were purely magical, and with a thicker skin (and/or wetsuit) the water was divine**.


If you’re looking for an adventure not too far from Brisbane that will make you feel like you’re miles away, this is the perfect place for you. I know we will be back.

Until next time Lamington (national park).

P.S. No actual lamingtons were sold/eaten during our time there. We were outraged as well.


*We assume Jamile does not have her facts right and this is similar to the story that the Great Wall of China is there to keep the rabbits out.

** Apparently rainforests get cold. Just a heads up for the other lost souls.


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