Lamington National Park – minus the lamingtons

My girlfriends and I are city gals. There’s no talking around it, even if one of us is actually from a country town – we’ve converted her.

Try as we might to become one with nature, we just simply enjoy being able to fulfil the basic human need of always having phone reception.

We are not campers, if the Splendour in the Grass 2016 tent debacle is anything to go by. And with all of us scared of heights and converse’s being worn on more than one hike, we are certainly not mountaineers.


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15 Things Australia has taught us

15 years ago this week, my parents packed up all of our belongings, sold their house in Wellington, said goodbye to their families and trekked across the ditch to Brisbane with two young children in tow.




For a month we lived in a motel made up of little brick houses with green roofs, across from the transport office (a lucky location considering it took my mother three tries to gain her Australian drivers licence). No jobs, no house, no furniture and two children distraught at the thought of losing their beloved ‘blankies’ on their own trip to Australia in a shipping container*, my parents are the real MVPs.  Continue reading

To volunteer or not to volunteer at a music festival. 

If festival prices have got you down in the dumps I’ve got your saving grace.

This Splendour marked the third camping music festival I had been to, but the first time I’d ever forked over money for the ticket. Some call me smart, my mother calls me crafty, I call myself broke with a serious high-end skin care addiction.

Volunteering allows us shopaholics to have glitter covered boogie like everyone else on your Facebook by doing jobs designed for toddlers in return for a free ticket and camping at said music festival. Continue reading

10 things I wish I knew before SITG 2016 


Last weekend myself and 37,000 people descended on the North Byron Bay Parklands for this year’s Splendour in the grass music festival. Whether you’re a veteran or newbie, Splendour is sure to throw a doozy at you, leaving a thought of “I really should have thought about this earlier.”


So after my second year, here are ten things both my splendour crew and myself wish we knew before we set foot on the Byron bay parklands.

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Your Packing Guide to Splendour in the Grass 2016

With only a week and a half until Splendour in the Grass 2016 kicks off its time to get organising if you favour the last minute stress just as much as I apparently do.

Whether you’re a Splendour veteran or virgin hopefully this guide will help your gumboot clad feet glide smoothly through this year’s (hopefully small) piles of mud.

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Am I an Australian trapped in a New Zealand passport?

2016 is only three months old and I have already changed my outlook on my life and who I am. Before this year, if you had run into me overseas and asked me where I was from, I would have instantly replied with, ‘New Zealand,’ or my parents’ favourite-line, ‘New Zealander living in Brisbane.’ However, after spending the majority of February back in NZ, I’ve definitely never felt more Australian.

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Brisbane’s Best: Thickshakes

And on the 7th day, God brought us Whisky Business thickshakes.

About a year ago now, some friends and I began our search for the best thickshakes in Brisbane. It’s been a tough journey – especially for those team members who have disregarded their lactose intolerance to partake- but, twelve months on, I feel we have found the one. If only “the one” had a finger (though some come with chocolate fingers, and alcohol fingers), so that we could take Queen B’s advice and put a ring on it.

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